Willie Jones & Kinetik – Hoes Just Want To Have Fun

Whilst out at the Vogue on a Wednesday night, Willie Jones heard Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” but decided he had a different and more life-relevant idea for the song. So he called nephew Kinetik to hook up a beat and Willie delivered his timeless-buttery-smooth-velvet-terrycloth-silky, silky soul singer voice and K delivered his flow. Complete with a shout out to Stevie “Don’t Take Nancy Drew To See I’m Fly” Internets and the Milk Bar Gambino Family (they got mo bounce in Columbus, but Dayton has this man on the bragging sheet).

Enjoy this ode to the modern day rake.



The Backstories Vol. 1 by DJ Kinetik

The Backstories Vol. 1

Man you would think something got into me but really this is just coming OUT of me, ya dig? Thanks to a question from Travis “Good” Peoples I went back to a year-long unfinished work and tightened up. I present, The Backstories…these will be mixes of songs that have been sampled by somebody at some point in time and sometimes more than one person. I even threw in the songs that used the samples so you can match them up. One of the originals does not have a current song because its been in too many to go into and do justice. I will put up what goes with what sometime but I think for now you can just match em up.

Good mix to cook, clean, zone, climb trees, spaz to, po’ up, gangsta lean, 2-step to, develop sales strategies to, gain foresight from, or whatever you wanna do with it. Go for it fam, just something I thought of sharing…

Peace to all those that understand and peace to those who haven’t caught on yet. Click the picture for the link to the mix, The Backstories Vol. 1!!!

DOWNLOAD Part 1of Sample Users

DOWNLOAD Part 2 of Sample Users


They Know!!!

Shawty Lo

Somewhat inspired by this video from “The Man and They Know That”…

THEY KNOW!!! Stevie “Hoe Sit Down” Internets, this yo new song lol. DOWNLOAD HERRRRR




Man, I don’t know where to begin but Madlib is one of my top producers…in ANY GENRE. Honestly, he reminds me of myself (big comparison, but come on y’all I’m only scratching the surface as far as my musical exploits go…check me in the fall on some OTHER ish) and that’s a great thing when I listen to music. He makes music that makes me skip social events on the weekend because I’d rather hear what he made. Beat Konducta. Jaylib. Madvillainy. Yesterday’s New Quintet. Lord Quas. ILL.

Its even crazier to me because he has the whole multiple persona thing going on so when Zion’s Soul comes out I might be called a copycat (Zion’s Soul is Marc Williams, Willie Jones, ILL M. Will as a production team and soul/funk/jazz group…yeah we takin it there). However, Madlib is still great. I had heard of em a little bit but the article in SCRATCH (still pissed its not a mag anymore) about him in May/June 2005 is what really sparked the interest. Anyway, go BUY his music but I’ll give you one to grow on.

The Jahari Massamba Unit feat. Karriem Riggins Trio – Umoja (Unity)


88 Keys Adam’s Case Files

88 Keys. Genious. Period. Go get it. Click the picture for the OkayPlayer article with the link to the download.88 Keys

And go get these two songs too. Soul Sincere.


Run ’em Out “Bounce Right”

Run \'em Out

Oh yeah you ain’t know??? Run ’em Out where it all started at wit DoLa, Ghost, and myself. “Bounce Right”. Oh Stevie “I’m The Reason You Get Ignored” Internets is this the “mo bounce in Columbus” theme cuz this right here will put yo swagger at 100 and climbin’ if you play it RIGHT BEFO you get out the car to go into the club.

Download “Bounce Right”


Letter To Christine


Oh we love you GreatGrandma Christine (thugged out wit the Blu Blockers on!) and we still thinkin bout you everyday! Get the song “Christine” from AD(illa)K by yours truly below (stay tuned for the whole thing, paying tribute to Dilla in my own way)!

All in memory of Mrs. Christine M. Ezell 5/18/15-9/4/07

Download “Christine”